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Welcome to Canine Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning service, I am based in Kingswinford, West Midlands.

Animal Ultrasound Accredited - experienced ultrasound technician and breeder and offer a reliable, professional and friendly service using the latest CE Certified calibrated veterinary ultrasound machine. High resolution Images and videos can be emailed to you as a keepsake - please ensure you ask before I finish the scan if you want images.

I use the new Scan Pad Pro Colour Ultrasound machine with 15" monitor and wide angle imaging as used by the Royal Veterinary College and Oxford University. I also have a backup Dawei Ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound scanning will confirm pregnancy, estimate of litter size, estimated due date, if puppies are viable or there is a possible infection brewing where you will be referred to your vet. Ultrasound scanning is completely painless, no shaving is required and there is no risk to the mother, or the puppies. I can also scan well behaved cats and rabbits.

Daytime/evening and weekend appointments available - prices from just £20.

I will never rush the scanning procedure and give you and your dogs plenty of time to settle and be comfortable.

I have clients from Oxford, Telford, Newport, Birmingham, Leicester, Warwick, Stratford, Solihull, Coventry, Stouport, Bewdley, Walsall, and Stafford as well as my immediate area and a 20 mile radius of Kingswinford.

When booking an ultrasound sound for your bitch, please check the credentials of the technician, where they were trained and the equipment used. There are a number of mobile technicians offering cheap scans from 23 days using inadequate equipment, usually 'smart wands' which are used in conjunction with their mobile phone/ipad, and due to where these technicans were 'trained', they usually offer cheap microchipping too. In the wrong hands, these machines give poor image quality, and inaccurate results. To the untrained eye a bowel can be mistaken for a fetal sac, and if multiple sacs are not visible straight away, we need to check for a singleton puppy.

If breeding is new to you, please let me know and I will let you have a free booklet with what you will need for your whelping box kit, and advice on the whelping process.

Special Offer 'Daytime Ultrasound Scans' from £20
(at my premises between 9am - 5pm)
Re-Scan if first scan was negative, or just to check everything going ok later on in pregnancy - recommended from day 50 onwards and free images/videos are sent to your email address as a keepsake from £20
Evening and Weekends from £30
(evenings 5pm onwards)

Mobile charges

Mobile charges are dependent on distance from Kingswinford.
I offer a discount when scanning multiple dogs mobile at the same address
(example within 5 miles of DY6 - 2 dogs £50)

Post Whelping Scanning to confirm the bitch has completed the birth process.
Price dependent on mileage and time of day - from £20

Progesterone Testing



Reasonable steps should be taken to maintain adequate control of your dog during the scan and it is recommended that you have at least a collar and lead available for the appointment. The average ultrasound probe alone costs over £1000, and an ultrasound machine £3000.

What to expect from a Canine Ultrasound Technician HERE

Pregnancy can be confirmed from 28 days after the last mating and although I have seen puppies from as early as day 23, optimum results are achieved from around day 32 - 35 of your bitch's pregnancy.

I understand owners are often excited about knowing if their bitch is pregnant, but you need to take into account late conception, having seen numerous dogs that the owners believe are on day 28 post mating, there have been no sign of puppies, and when re-scanned a week later we sometimes get a positive result. For this reason, some scanning technicians prefer to wait until day 35 and I know of some who will not scan until day 40.


Please note that any indication of numbers is an estimate as re absorption can occur and not all foetuses may be seen. It is very easy for one puppy to be obscured by another. Ultrasound is 'real time' imaging, the bitch is moving, the puppies are moving and the transducer is moving. Knowing which sac you have already seen and counted is extremely difficult, and with large litters, impossible!

There is always some one who knows a scanning technician who never gets the numbers wrong. However, this is purely guess work based on knowing the breed, the bitch and other bits of history they can glean from you on the bitch and although they have a crystal ball, they do get it wrong.

Most experienced scanners are happy to give you a number range. Particularly when scanning around the 30 day mark, where the sacs are smaller and it is easier to discern one from the next. We are usually comfortable in telling you that you can expect “more than 3” or “between 4-6,” for example. It’s important to realise that even this is not a fool-proof estimate as in the early stages, it’s perfectly normal for a bitch to reabsorb, so that all the puppies seen at the first scan may not continue to progress.

Calcification of foetal bones is around day 45, but can sometimes be seen earlier. Some bitches prefer to stand, some will lie down on their side, and some will oblige by rolling over, each bitch is individual. The further along the pregnancy the better the images, but the less likely you can see more than one or two puppies at any one time due to the size of the foetus. Below is a typical 6 week scan below clearly showing a puppy foetus
(click the arrow to play)

Please see my Facebook Group for more scan images and videos

Scanning will not only confirm pregnancy, but will also identify a phantom pregnancy, which gives you the opportunity to plan ahead. You will want to know if you need to increase your bitch's food, restrict her exercise with other dogs, and maybe even plan show entries. Scanning can also identify if puppies are being absorbed after a pregnancy has been confirmed, and even a possible pyometra infection.

For a discreet and confidential service I am available 7 days a week

Above - A Confirmed case of a potentially life threatening closed Pyometra of a bitch seen 40 days post mating, who was referred to the owners Vet. This shows the importance of having your bitch scanned to confirm pregnancy, or not, as was the case in this instance.

A common reproductive abnormality in dogs is reabsorption of puppies, the bitch’s body actually absorbs the fetal and placental tissue, leaving no sign that puppies ever were present. Reabsorption can happen even after a pregnancy has been confirmed by an abdominal ultrasound and/or by radiography (X-rays). When puppies are reabsorbed, they literally just disappear, and a positive pregnancy does not always result in live puppies.No fetuses or fetal or placental tissues are ever expelled through the birth canal. Read more HERE

Telephone: 01384 270762 / 07977 155642
Green Gables, 28 The Portway, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 8HB




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