Hi, my name is Julie, and the love of my life are my beautiful Rough Collies.

I set up my Ultrasound Scanning service when I was unable to find anyone reliable in my local area to scan my own dogs.
After purchasing a machine, I did a long period of offering scans for free to just about anyone I could find with a pregnant bitch,
so I could gain as much experience as possible before I completed my training with Vet Image Solutions.

Before I took early retirement to look after my terminally ill mother and disabled husband
I held a Management position in Finance (Lloyds Bank) and pride myself on providing a discreet and excellent service to all my clients.
I have had a few litters of my own, and over the last few years have gained a fair bit of knowledge from dealing with clients, and
I am always here to offer advice if necessary on what to expect, what you may need, and how to prepare for 'D' day.

I am very flexible and understand that some breeders prefer dogs to be scanned in their own home up to a 20 mile
radius. Please note that I do charge for fuel and time when travelling.

However, due to timewasters, (who have sent me on a wild goose chase giving false addresses
and telephone numbers) I now take a £10 deposit, to at least covel fuel, before undertaking any mobile
scans for new clients.

I do not provide an Artificial Insemination service as this procedure should ideally be carried out
by a vet or reproduction specialist, no one else is suitably insured. I have heard some horror stories
where someone who thinks it is easy having watched a you tube video has ruptured a bitch's bladder
and other bitches won't even let me near them to scan them after their have been traumatised.

Please also avoid anyone who purports to be able to scan your bitch and confirm pregnancy before 28 days.





I also provide a Pedigree Certificate printing service (any breed)
Please find more details on my Breed website



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