As with anything you are considering for your dog, dog artificial insemination has its pros and cons and should be carefully considered.

There are a variety of reasons that breeders turn to artificial insemination.

Availability of stud
An in demand stud's availability may not match up to a female's heat cycle, and getting the two dogs together can be difficult. With artificial insemination, the insemination can be done when the dog's body is most receptive.

Geographic location
While the mobility of today's world is less prohibitive, getting a female to a stud that's 1,000 miles away is expensive and time consuming. Semen can be chilled and shipped overnight for use the next day or can be frozen and shipped for future use.

Stud no longer able to breed
Artificial insemination is also indicated if the stud has been injured and unable to mount. Collecting the stud's semen also allows for his bloodline to continue once he passes.

Once the sample is collected it can be placed in a long plastic or glass tube and infused into a female, placing the tube as close to the cervix as possible. In large dogs this could be several inches. Fresh semen should be used immediately, chilled, within 24 hours. Frozen semen is kept in containers of liquid nitrogen and can be kept for several years.

While the practice of artificial insemination is conducted by both veterinarians and by private individuals, it is still a relatively new practice in the canine world. It is worth noting that Insurance underwriters will currently not cover this process unless you use a reproduction vet, or someone that is trained and qualified. The minimum qualification is someone who has veterinary nurse training. You should be aware that if anything goes wrong, you will no insurance back up unless you are using someone qualified and insured.

The success rate of artificial insemination in dogs is not as high as with other animals due to the instability of dog semen and in my experience less dogs become pregnant using this method. There also appears to be a higher re absorption rate, possibly due to infection from the insemination process if it is not carried out in a sterile environment.




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