July 2019

Had an interesting scan last week on a bitch who had stuvite crystals in her bladder, unfortunately I could see no sign of puppy sacs, and she was referred to her vet for further treatment.

In the last week I have had no less than six calls from owners, four outside of my immediate area, wanting me to give advice on scans performed by other technicians. It would be unethical for me to comment on someone else's work, I am happy to give a second opinion if you want me to scan your bitch, but will not comment on images and videos done on a mobile phone and sent to me.

Today two people have been let down and have come to me for an urgent appointment - always make sure the person you are using is DEFRA trained and reliable with good feedback. I have seen scans performed by people who have merely purchased a machine online, had no formal training and set themselves up in business offering cheap scans and don't know the difference between a bowel and a puppy sac.

April 2019

I am really disappointed in the number of clients who book an appointment and don't turn up without having the courtesy to
let me know. It is so frustrating when I make plans around appointments I have during the day.

February 2019

I am having a few clients now who have been told their bitches are pregnant, one lady actually sat up all night for four nights waiting for her bitch to deliver, what turned out to be non existent puppies. After showing me the scan that was carried out at 26 days, I confirmed that the sacs she was told were puppies, was indeed bowel.

Not all ultrasound technicians are suitably trained, there are a few in the area offering scans as early as 23 days, and use a 'smart wand' which is used in conjunction with a mobile phone or ipad.

December 2018

I take great pride in my work and the service I provide to my clients, both human and furry. I don't overcharge (average cost for your vet to do an ultrasound is between £70 and £140 plus VAT and you often don't get to stop with your dog and see the puppies on the ultrasound screen either) and I am the cheapest 'trained' ultrasound technician in the immediate area. I never rush anyone, and allow plenty of time for pets to settle and give clients time to ask questions about the ultrasound process.

I have spent many hours on the telephone to clients, some throughout the night, when a bitch is in labour and they just need a friendly voice at the end of the telephone. I rushed out at 9am a few months ago to scan a bitch, who I had not previously scanned, where the owner had been told by an untrained ultrasound technician she was having three puppies, and she had only had one. The owner wanted to check all was ok and she did appear to have a retained placenta so sent some images to his vet for further investigation.

I have lent out my whelping box, heat pad, puppy pen, and other whelping items, and given away vet bed where the owner was unprepared. I have carried out free scans when owners get dates mixed up and even when owners come to me saying it was unplanned, they have no money and turn up again six months later with the same bitch and another unplanned pregnancy.....................

So I really do appreciate clients letting me know when they can't make an appointment. I have my own dogs to care for too, I care for my father, and a disabled husband, and will always work round clients for the best time to suit them.

If you have no intention of keeping your appointment, please don't book it. I appreciate things happen, but please let me know, even a short notice cancellation is better than none at all. I am getting wise to all the excuses I get though, and I am now keeping a list of people who will not be offering an appointment to in the future and will be referred to a vet at great expense.

Thank you




November 2018

If ever in doubt that your bitch has not finished whelping and appears to be having small contractions, please consider having a scan to check. I have been out numerous times to check on bitches and all have been ok, but today found one with a dead puppy still inside, too late for Oxytocin and bitch is now having an emergency C section after already delivering 7 puppies naturally


Sepember 2018

The Animal Welfare Act (2006) in England is about to undergo some changes which all breeders need to be aware of.

WEF 1st October 2018, anyone who breeds and sells three or more litters within any twelve month period, will be classed as a business, and will need a license. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need a licence, you should contact your local authority licensing department,
you can find your local Council's website HERE.


The main legislative changes being made are:

Please read the FAQ which includes a section 'Conversely “Breeders who breed a small number of puppies (i.e. fewer than three litters per year), and sell them without making a profit” are deemed to be out of the scope of licensing.'

I have spoken to DEFRA and this is their response.....

The regulations are not intended to catch hobbyists. There is a business test to determine whether someone selling puppies is a ‘business’ compared to breeding them as a hobby. If you are not breeding more than three litters in a 12 month period, and you are not making a profit off of them, then you would not need to have a licence.



31st August

I had a call today from a lady over in Birmingham who's bitch I had scanned a few weeks ago. A first time litter for both owner and bitch, who was scanned for two puppies. Gave owner a list of what she would need and the signs to look out for when her bitch went into labour. First thing this morning I had a text to call as soon as I got up. Bitch had delivered one puppy and all was well, but there were no signs of another one. Now as the scan had only been done two weeks previously and was well onto into the pregnancy I was pretty sure on seeing more than one, which could not have been re-absorbed at this late stage. Told her to wait a few more hours, and sure enough an hour later puppy number two arrived - but no afterbirth. Told her to let the mum break the cord or do it for her, and if the afterbirth didn't follow soon after to call the vet. A quick visit to the vet and an oxyctocin injection soon expelled the afterbirth and bitch was soon back home with her puppies. Lovely to have some good news for a change.


15th August

Over the last two weeks I have had five people book appointments and not turn up. Two of them were made for the same day, one made at 5.30pm for 7pm, and still didn't turn up, when I eventually got in touch with them around 7.45pm they were apparently still waiting for a lift.

Lots of people are contacting me for mobile scans, some as far as an hour away - please note that an hour each way, and 30 minutes with you means I usually block out my afternoon and can do no more appointments that day, and my price for a mobile scan will not be £20. You are always welcome to come to me.


July 2018

16th July 2018 - I have a few clients who book and don't turn up, and don't have the courtesy to let me know, but this was a new one. If it had not have been my birthday, and I gave up the chance to go out to lunch, I may not have been so angry - I had a call to go over to Walsall to scan a bitch. I had already sent a text to the telephone number that booked the appointment first thing in the morning, as I always do with mobile scans - I set off with plenty of time to spare, but due to the traffic it took me almost an hour to get there. I had stopped en route to send another text to say I may be 10 minutes late - this is where alarm bells started ringing. I had a response to say they didn't know anything about an ultrasound scan for a dog. I confirmed the number I had was correct, but having no other telephone number to contact anyone, I had no choice but to carry on as someone may be expecting me. How wrong was I..........the lady at the house I had the address and post code for did not even have a dog......apparently. So with immediate effect, any new customers requiring a mobile scan will be required to pay a £10 deposit at the time of booking, to at least cover my fuel.

and so it continues...........another client, who has re arranged her appointment no less than four times, has today called to say due to personal circumstances she no longer requires a scan. I initally thought something wrong with the bitch, but no, apparently the breeder of her bitch has told her she is definitely in whelp and a scan is not required. Which brings me to the case below.......

27th July 2018 - Sad visit today to a bitch who had delivered a puppy which had got stuck in the birth canal and born sleeping. I have scanned this bitch on two previous occasions, and she was empty, but this time the owners felt sure she was pregnant, and with work commitments let the pregnancy run it's course. They called me this afternoon to ask if I would go out and check her as after two hours of delivering the first puppy, there were no signs of any more, and unfortunately the first puppy was indeed a singleton. The dam was still quite distressed and wouldn't let anyone take the puppy away from her, which was heartbreaking.

I feel it is very important to at least know if your bitch is not only pregnant, but there is more than one. 9/10 singletons result in a C section as the bitch often doesn't produce enough hormones to trigger labour. Singleton puppy's can also grow too large to be delivered normally and not only risk the life of the puppy, but also the dam.