I am available 24/7 for emergency appointments if a bitch has whelped and you want to check for a retained puppy or placenta for my own clients. It is not unusual to find a retained placenta, and I will refer to vet for an Oxytocin injection which will usually bring it away quite quickly. Additionally the vet may also prescribe antibiotics
(Synulox antibiotics are safe for a bitch feeding puppies).

Image below shows a bitch I scanned some 12 hours after she had finished whelping her last puppy, there was no reason for concern, and it was a routine check up. Scan shows a retained puppy which was unfortunately sleeping and the bitch had to have a C section to remove it.

You should check with your scanning technician when booking your first scan if they are available for home visits in the event of an emergency. I am not available to pick up the pieces for another business and if they will not help you, please contact your vet.

I have had five calls in one week alone asking me for an opinion on ultrasounds completed by other ultrasound technicians. I also received a call on a Sunday evening asking me to go out and check for a retained puppy. Unfortunately the clinic who did the initial scan to confirm pregnancy did not do home visits, even in the event of an emergency.

It is adviseable to check any technician is suitably trained and what service they offer in the event of an emergency.

For ethical reasons I cannot comment on any information given by another technician, and you should ensure whoever you use is trained/qualified to DEFRA standards.