When can I have my dog scanned to confirm pregnancy
Ideally 28-35 days after the last mating or 27 days from ovulation. Irrelevant of
what anyone else advertises at being able to confirm pregnancy at 21 days, heart
beats are not visible until at least 24 days. I have top end equipment and it is impossible to
confirm pregnancy at 21 days. However if your bitch is unwell, we can see other abnormalities
than can occur after a bitch has been in season ie: pyometra and this would be a vet
referral to confirm and treat. Note, gestation is from ovulation date and not from mating, it is always best if your bitch has ovulated prior to being mated, but if she ovulates after mating, this affects gestation date. If you bring your bitch too early and pregnancy cannot be confirmed, you may need to have her rescanned a week later, a charge will apply for rescans.

Can you confirm how many puppies she is having
It is easier to get an estimation of numbers between 28 - 35 days, any later becomes more difficult due to the size of the puppies, however it is perfectly normal for a bitch to reabsorb one or two puppies at this stage, so number counting should not be relied upon.

You should also remember that scanning is real time, your bitch is moving and so are the puppies, and you can't always be sure if you have counted the same puppy twice, and one puppy can be obscured by another.

I am always happy to give you an estimate based on what I see on the day, and will point these out to you on the scan for you to count yourself.

What do you charge
The price for an ultrasound scan at my premises is £20 during the daytime before 5pm or £30
evenings and weekends.
If you require a home visit, the minimum cost is £50 and I ask for a £40 deposit at the time of booking, and the remainder of the charge to be paid on the day.

Home vists cost more as I also charge for my time, along with fuel. Even if you are only 15 minutes away from me, it is going to take me 30 minutes travelling time, plus fuel, and I also have to allow time for traffic, roadworks and delays which impacts on the time I have available to see clients at home. I take a deposit due to people cancelling last minute when I have ruled two hours out of my diary, and turned other clients away.

Do I get Pictures/Videos of the scan
Yes, you can take pictures of the scan before you leave

No shows and cancellations
I am based in Kingswinford, DY6, please check distance is within your limits before booking an appointment. If you don't show for an appointment without letting me know, or cancel at the last minute you will be asked to pay for any further appointments at the time of booking. I don't run an open house, when working from home I shut my own dogs away before every client is due, and I still do normal things. For every client that doesn't turn up it affects me, and other clients.

For example.....last night (November 2022), I had two evening appointments, Mr A at 6pm and and Mrs B at 6.30pm. Mrs B at 6.30pm had come some distance and was bringing her children to watch the scan and had ideally wanted to come at 6pm, but it was already taken. Mrs B and husband did arrive early in anticipation of the 6pm client being finished, but at 6.15pm, the Mr A had not arrived, I called and they told me they had been delayed at work and would get here as soon as they could. I explained I had another client at 6.30pm and had I known I could have seen the 6.30pm client first, but they couldn't confirm when they could get here, so I asked them to re arrange, and they said they would call when they got home in 10 minutes, they didn't get back to me. Unfortunately, Mrs B's children were bored of waiting (quite understandable) and they went to McDonalds and and then got stuck on the Car Park, so were late getting back for their appointment. So one client being late affected us all.

Do you shave the hair on the abdomen
I prefer not to, and have only ever partially shaved a small area twice and they were particularly hairy dogs. Lots of gel and water usually gives enough of an image to confirm pregnancy and see the puppy sacs.

Do you scan cats, rabbits and other domestic animals
Yes, I often scan cats and other pets

Do you do Progesterone Testing
Only a vet is legally allowed, by law, to withdraw blood from your dog for any purpose, including Progesterone Testing.
Many fertility clinics are purporting to be qualified, but unless they are a vet they aren't, and the testing itself is best left to the experts in their field ie Idexx Laboratory.

I can scan all breeds of dogs and cats, apart from any banned dog breeds,
including XL bullies

Payment for my services are due at the time of the scan, I do not offer free or pay later scans, whatever the circumstances.

Finally, can I please ask that all dogs visiting my premises are either kept on a lead, or carried please, I work from my home and dogs not on a lead will often come in and relieve themself on my floor. I would also ask you don't block my drive and respect my neighbours drives please.