I stock a range of vet bedding from £20 a roll
(rolls measure approx 1m x 1.52m)

Vet bedding, a must when rearing puppies. It provides comfort, warmth and security., Non-slip vet bedding is ideal for tiled and slippery surfaces dog crates, cages etc. The unique polyester fibre allows fluid to drain through leaving the top dry giving your pet comfort and warmth; it also gives support to arthritic and elderly pets and helps prevent pressure sores. Deep pile bedding is: · * Machine washable (30 degrees) · * Tumble dry at low temperature · * Non irritant · * Non allergenic · * Does not fray · * Ideal for whelping & kittening providing comfort and warmth for puppies and kittens · * Perfect for animals requiring hospitalization where comfort and warmth are vital · * Traveling crates or cage


Fleece dog beds £8 each
3 ft x 2.5 ft








Blue Rose Dog Park Field Hire


We know how hard it is sometimes to walk your dogs off lead without worrying about other dogs or people if you have a re active dog, nervous dog or maybe one that goes deaf when you call them, or maybe you just want to escape the madness of every one.

We have the solution, come and walk your dogs in peace, set in the outskirts of the beautiful village of Swindon, near Kingswinford in the West Midlands. 

We are on top of a hill so the views on a clear day are breathtaking, private fields so no one to bother you, we also run a smallholding and have everything from Donkeys, Saddleback pigs, Jersey cows and Teddy bear Ryland sheep. They are all safely away in other fields but you can often get to see them over the fence, if your dog is reactive to livestock then we can move them out of reach so its not a problem.

We are very experienced dog owners, having multiple dogs ourselves. For more info don't hesitate to contact Paul or myself, Deborah.


Telephone: 07779384708





A wide range of cat, dog and other pet supplies without prescription. Synulox, Bravecto etc




Progesterone is the most important hormone in female dog reproduction. It is easy to test for and can be used to look at ovulation, parturition and other cyclical abnormalities.

The progesterone test can be done every 2-3 days starting about 5 days into the season from when you first see blood. T
iming of the test can be more certain if the lengths of the dog'sprevious heat cycles are known.

To determine the days of mating two factors have to be considered: ovulation and maturation. Bitches will ovulate at around 6 ng/ml (18 nmol/l). After ovulation the oocytes have to mature for a further 2 days before they can be fertilised. Once mature they will be viable for another 2 days. Spermatozoa will take 6-12 hours to capacitate and reach the oviduct.

Possible testing regime:

 Plasma progesterone levels of <1 ng/ml (3 nmol/l): retest in 4 days

 Plasma progesterone levels of <2 ng/ml (6 nmol/l): retest in 3 days

 Plasma progesterone levels of >2 ng/ml (6 nmol/l): retest in 2 days

 Plasma progesterone levels of >25 ng/mol (75 nmol/l) usually indicate the end of the fertile period

Possible mating regime:

 Fertilisation period: ovulation +1 day until +4 days

 Two matings: ovulation +1 day and +3 days or ovulation +2 days and +4 days

 One mating: ovulation +2 days or ovulation +3 days

The beginning progesterone levels are typically less than 1.0 ng/ml until the day before the LH surge.

Progesterone Testing Order link

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I also provide a Pedigree Certificate printing service (any breed)
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