Memories are priceless

I am also a keen photographer, specialising in dog photography, especially puppies!

Your dog is a very important member of the family and likewise, so are their offspring. It is convenient to snap away with your phone when a playful moment presents itself, but good quality photographs are hard to achieve with your smart phone. Those playful, cuddly puppies will grow up fast. You will want to capture this moment so that you can look back on it. This is the sweetest and most innocent phase of a puppies life, and before you realise it, they will be gone to their new homes.

The skill involved in photographing dogs is an art that can only be achieved through practice. Each dog has its own unique personality and can demand a different approach to get the best results.

Pet Photography sessions are approximately an hour to two hours and preferably take place outdoors in your garden on a grassed area. During this time I will take a variety of pictures which you will be able to view on an online gallery a few days later.

I can also take stud dog photos for advertisement purposes

One - two hour session from £50
no mileage costs within 5 miles

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07977 155642