Book an appointment with Canine Pregnancy Scanning using Setmore 


Daytime Ultrasound Scans at my premises £20
(Between 11am - 3.30pm)

Evening and Weekends from £30
Friday evenings and weekends between 5.30pm - 7pm £40
Emergency Appointments outside of normal working hours £80
Bank holidays (12noon - 3pm £40)
Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day emergency scans £80

I do not offer a free scan service or pay later,
if you do not have means of payment, please let me know when booking

Re-Scan if first scan was negative, or just to check everything going ok later on in pregnancy - recommended from day 50 onwards with free images/videos are sent to via whatsapp as a keepsake

A re scan is always advised when the bitch is carrying just one puppy as this will carry a higher rate of re absorption. I would also recommend you get your bitch checked if you see a discharge during pregnancy or your bitch has a history of problems.

£20 weekdays or £30 evenings and weekends

Mobile home visits

Home visits available within 5 miles of DY6

I get a lot of calls asking for home visits and I will explain my reasons for preferring to scan your pet at my premises

A - It is far cheaper for you to come to me, if you take advantage of my
daytime special offer between 11m - 4pm it is just £20
Between 5.30 - 7pm and weekend daytime it is £30

Home visits start at £50 as this takes into account not only fuel, but also
my time for travelling to you

B - I get a far better scan here without the dog, and the owner being stressed trying to keep the dog still. My premises are not a clinical environment like the vets, and dogs relax on a hydraulic grooming table which they can step onto and you can talk to them and hold them.

If I come to your home, I will probably have to scan your dog on the floor.
So my equipment is on the floor, I am on the floor, the dog is on the floor and you are on the floor. Your dog being in their natural surroundings are more inclined to not want to stand still and it can be quite stressful for both the dog and the owner trying to keep the dog still long enough to get a good scan.

C - I also get a lot of calls asking for home visits because it is too far for the client to come to me. If it is too far for you to travel to me, it is probably going to be too far for me to travel to you too, as well as too costly for you and not cost effective for me. I usually work on appointments every 30 minutes, but I do sometimes do two dogs per client in that 30 minutes, so if it takes me an hours travelling time to get to you, plus the scan, I could be scanning six dogs at home during that time coming to you for one scan.

Due to rising fuel prices, and traffic I will only be doing home visits within a 5 mile radius of DY6 - £50 (mornings only). Due to non payers, full payment is required at the time of booking all home visits.


Post Whelping Scanning to confirm the bitch has completed the birth process.

From £20 if you come to me, but will be dependent on time of day.

Emergency callouts are from £55 during normal working hours, but please bear
in mind your bitch may not be amenable to a stranger coming into your house when she has a litter of puppies, and if I am busy with scans at home, I may not have sufficient time to get to you between other appointments. .

If you are able to bring your bitch to me during normal hours the price is the same as a normal scan, but if you need to come outside of my normal hours after 7.30 pm it is £80.

Accidental Mating / Advice pre scan

I am no longer offering free advice over the telephone prior to an ultrasound.
I have found I am often used as a free advice service for clients that are not in my area who then go on to use a local scanner.

Pre scan/Breeding Advice

If you need some advice either before you enmark on a breeding programme,
or before booking an ultrasound, I can do a video call with you for £20 for twenty

I can discuss any topic from offering your dog at stud, finding the right stud for your bitch, health testing, whelping and weaning questions, no question is too stupid.

If you would rather do this face to face either before your ultrasound or directly afterwards, this can be arranged for £30 for 30 minutes.

I have always historically offered any advice for free, but my time is valuable, and as I have had a number of timewasters, my services will now be chargeable



Whilst I appreciate emergencies crop up, no-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations inconvenience not only me, but my other clients as well.

When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on my calendar that is no longer available to anyone else.

If cancellation is necessary, I ask that you try and call at least 24 hours in advance. I work limited hours around my commitments at home, and with my low prices, appointments are in high demand.

Your advanced notice will allow another client access to that appointment time.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call or message me on
07977 155642.

If you have pre paid for your appointment at the time of booking, I will be happy to re-arrange this at a mutually convenient time. I am sorry but I cannot give full refunds.

If you don't cancel your appointment and simply don't turn up without notice, if you wish to rebook, you will be required to pay for your ultrasound at the time of booking for future scans.

Thank you.


reas covered shown below within blue circle



Due to timewasters, I am now collating a blacklist!