Some think breeding is a good way to make some easy money. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Done correctly, breeding is rarely a money making exercise and if there are any problems at all it can be a financial disaster.

A general breakdown of the average cost of breeding a litter and what you get for your money when buying a well bred puppy based on a litter of five puppies.

Most of the costs would be the same even for one or two puppies and even none at all.

If it is your first litter, it is highly recommended that you read the Book of Bitch
which many breeders say is their 'Bible'.

Stud fee (plus fuel costs to get to stud dog) £500 upwards
(some stud fees are thousands
Scanning to check if bitch in whelp £30 upwards
(£140 at vets)
Additional food costs for dam £150
Whelping box £450

Heat pad
Heat lamp

Thermometer £10
After paying stud fee and buying whelping box etc, the bitch may have missed and/or have pyometra with no puppies - cost of pyometra (if emergency in middle of night the cost would be more) £1200
Additional electricity to cover heating £30
Nutri drops £15
C Section (if necessary) £1500
Puppy milk if no milk from dam £25 per tin
Puppy Food - average litter of five puppies would require 3 large bags £150
Sundry puppy food - goats milk, eggs, rice pudding and meat £100
Wormer £50
Vet beds (5 metre roll) £150
Puppy pads (5 packs) £100
Large puppy Pen to keep puppies safe and contained within the house once weaned £150
Additional Puppy Pen for outdoors if summer litter £150
Microchipping at £20 each puppy £100
Kennel club registration at £15 each puppy £75
Kennel Club affix £70 for initial registration and £20 per annum thereafter  

Conservative average spend £2000+
(excluding any additional vet fees to cover C section, Pyometra, vet check for puppies, fuel costs, time off work etc)

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