Puppy Soft Vet Bedding

Ask any reputable experienced breeder and they will tell you that vet bedding is essential for use in the whelping box and later in the puppy run. If using blankets and towels, puppies can become lost in the wrinkles and folds and they will require more frequent changes. A few pieces of vet bed will pay for itself with just one litter, and you can use for many years to come in dogs beds, the car, or crate.

Vet bed is...........
Hygenic, non-irritant and non allergic
Wicks and draws moisture to base which is ideal for whelping keeping the surface dry
Prevents pressure sores with thermal properties
Deep pile for added heat retention
Stain resistant, cuts without fraying
Machine washable, and quick drying
Ideal for use not only in whelping box, but in cars, dog beds and crates

Lasts for years, I have vet bedding in my van I bought 20 years ago


I have it cut into sizes approx 75cms x 100cms
which can be cut again for smaller dogs, one piece would make 4 beds for a small breed

Rubber back/non slip from £10 - various colours
(Stays in place, ideal for laminate and tiled floors) can even be hoovered

Original professional Green back vet bedding - white only - £15

European extremely thick green back vet bedding - white and plain pink £18


Petal Puppy Feeders 

The perfect way to make sure each puppy gets their fair share of food.

The feeder promotes growth, prevents spillage and even allows medication and supplements to be given individually.

This product also gets the pupies used to feeding individually before they go to their new homes.

Durable and non toxic

Diameter:42 cm x Height:4.5 cm

Pink or Blue


I carry a small stock of cali care £11



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