I understand that the whelping process can be a stressful time for new and novice breeders. It may also be that the bitch owner has become ill and may struggle to help the bitch with the whelping process and looking after the newborn puppies.

Once I have confirmed pregnancy and viability of puppies, I can put you in touch with an experienced whelper. She is based locally to Kingswinford and available 24/7. She can either whelp your bitch in your own home, or have your bitch in her home a week or so before she is due, whelp the puppies, and bring them back to you at an agreed timescale.

If you would like to know more, please contact me or we can discuss at the time of your scan.

Please note, any agreement made is between you and the whelper and I will not be held responsible for any problems.

I encourage you to sign and appropriate contract which covers everyone concerned.



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